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एक अलग ही तस्वीर कश्मीर की, खास बातचीत मदीहा मुश्ताक़ से

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एक अलग ही तस्वीर कश्मीर की, खास बातचीत मदीहा मुश्ताक़ से – देखें वीडियो

मोसाइब मुश्ताक़ – From Srinagar



Madiha Mushtaq, an eighteen year old girl from Iqbal Colony Sonwar Sgr published her first book of poems titled as “THE MELODY OF MELANCHOLY”, despite having her cbse board exam of class 12th.
Always busy with her hectic schedule Madiha says that the passion for writing will never fade away and it will be there till eternity.
Madiha’s debut book was published on 16th january 2019 by Lieper publication, which is the first evee self publishing house in kashmir and is growing rapidly in publishing books of young writers.
Deeply inspired by her grandfather Madiha became the first ever writer of her family. While talking to Bharat post Madiha says that without the support of her family she would never have been able to publish this book. Her passion for writing was discovered throught a poetry competetion organised by her school three years back. Madiha is thankful to her friends who have always been a constant support throughout her journey and is thankful to her parents and her whole family for makinh her what she is today. She also says that she was involved in debates and speaking but never thought she could express herself this way too.
“Before three years I was not knowing that I can write! And there exists a world like this but I only discovered this potential of mine by the poetry competetion where in later the judges didn’t beleive that the poem was written by me. Maybe I took it as a challenge and kept proving myself by writing more and more but, nevertheless writing has been a healer and a constant througout.
This book contains the poems I have collected so far which are written with an emotion and each poem will tell you a story.
My first ever poem was “THE GIRL CHILD” which depicts that girls are pious and they need to be understood.
Madiha’s parents said that they are proud of their daughter. She has always been a good student throughout. Her grandfather said that he will always support her no matter what. Madiha beleives that her supportive family and her amazinh friends are the reason behind her success.
She also adds that she realky wants people to read her book and feel whatever she has written.
“I want to dedicate this book to all those people in my life who have some way or other inspired me to write” mentions Madiha in her book.
The book us available on Shopclues, Amazon ebook version, Google play books ebook version, Lieper publication online book store and Gulshan bookstore lalchowk sgr.